Hotel & Residence Hochriegel

Welcome im Hotel Hochriegel

Hotel & Residence Hochriegel

Welcome im Hotel Hochriegel

Hotel & Residence Hochriegel

Welcome im Hotel Hochriegel

Room Bärwurz

in a quaint bavarian & modern style


Small Arbersee

Enjoyment at its finest

A culinary treat

Room Osser

Relaxed enjoy life

Outdoor activities

Mountain bike tours

Room Rachel

just live heavenly

Wellness & SPA

Pool Residence

Sun terrace and pool


Beauty and health oasis

for mind and body

Your unique holiday dream Specifics bargain weeks Offers

Data privacy statement

The security of your personal data is very important for us. That's why this data privacy statement shows you, which personal data will be collected and fo rwhich usage they will be needed. Personal data will be collected, when you contact us, e.g. when you give us a call or request, book, buy services in any other way or visit our website.

It's worth following this document for finding out how Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. works with your data, which data will be collected exactly, for which purpose they will be used resp. will be forwarded and which tasks will be done for the security of your data.

Fundamentally: Your privacy-rights has top priority, that's why Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. is always struggled to take all actions to save this right. All duties, which go over this data privacy statement stay untouched.

Reson for collecting personal data

Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. collects and uses your personal data to offer you the best possible service as customer, arraning our website more comfortable and providing a perfect performance. Additionally, your personal data helps us to inform you abput our latest products, special offers and other developments, which could be interessting for you. If you don't want to receive those kind of information in future, you can tell it to us everytime.

Reason and kind of collected data

Personal data helps us in various circumstances to offer you a better service. You might be asked for personal data to start specific processes, e.g. requests. In those situations, we only want to know relevant data. To this name, address, phonenumber, e-mail address and preferd way for communication can be necessary, for example. Additionally, they will help us adjusting offers on your need. High-sensitive data like bank account data and credit card data will only be collected via payment provider (e.g. credit-card institute, trust service or similar) or locally in your presence.

Kind of usage and forwarding of personal data

Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. guarantees that your contact information won't be sold or lend to a third party!

For offering best service, your personal data will be forwarded from Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. to anither judical person, who are oblieged to use this data in accord with this data privacy statement. It could be and advantage to Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. providing certain personal data to other companies, who are working for Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K., resp. has a long-term partnership with Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. for offering you products and services in our name. Those companies can help Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. handling information, processing orders, deliver products, administrating customers data, providing a customer support, rating our products and services, practising customers research, realizing surveys about customers satisfaction or granting credits. Also this companies are oblieged to use your personal data conform to our data privacy statement. Due to judical processes, Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. can be forced to show your personal data.

Security for your personal data

Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. takes actions for security , inculding administrativ, electronical and physical methods for protecting your personal data from loss, theft and violation as well as unauthorized access, forwarding, changing and destruction.

If you use our forms, the data transmission happens actually unsafed via the internet. We note explicit that the possibility is given that sent data could be seen for others.
Also you can help us with suitable preventive meassures protecting your personal data in the internet. Change your password often. Use combinations of letters and numbers and look for usign a safe web-browser.

Usage of cookies and other techniques

Cookies can be load on you computer while visiting Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K.'s website, when you accept. Those are necessary for arranging your online visit mor comfortable and individual. Cookies are data, which specify a customers and can save personal preferences of usage our webiste and also technical information. The advantege for you is that you don't need to enter information again when visiting our website if information are assigned to cookies.

Cookies don't contain or uncover personal information imperatively, seen for its own. But if you enter personal information on this webiste, they can be connected to the saved data in the cookies. Hosts of other websites don't have access on this data. You can also stop the usage of cookies completely in the settings of your browser. We want to point that some areas of our website may not work properly, if your browser is set as acceppting cookies or similar machinieries are refused.

As most of all webistes, also our webste collects specific information automatically and stores them in protocols. This information contain Internet-Protocoladdresses (IP-addresses), Browser-Type, Internet-Service-Provider (ISP), reference-/endpage, operating system, date-/timemarks and Clickstream-Data.

Also by refusing the execution of JavaScript, parts of the website may not be used completely.

Newsletter and E-Mails

In some e-Mail-messages Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. uses a "Click-through URL", which is connected to our website. If you click on those URL-addresses, you'll pass our Web-Server, before entering the target-website. Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. tracks those "Click-through"-data, for identifying the interest in several topics and for meassuring the efficiency of communication with our customers. If you want to avoid collecting this kind of data, just don't click on text- or graphic-links in e-mails.

Furthermore Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. uses "Pixel-Tags" (small pictures), which give information about areas, which have been visited by customers or meassuring how effective searchings have been on our website by customers.

Via Pixel-Tags Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. can also send e-mails in a format, which are readable by the customer. Additionally, we can check by this, if e-mails were opened, to guarantee that Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. sends only e-mails, which are interessting for our customers.

Engagement for the security of your privacy

As already mentioned Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. takes the security of your privacy very serious. For guaranteeing the security of your personal data, the existing regulation will be forwarded to all employees and all security-tasks for protecting your privacy within the company will be realized strictly.

The webiste contains links to other companies. Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. is not responsible for those company's privacy handling. Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. recommends you to aks thos companies about their data privacy statement.

Usage of Google Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics, a webanalysis-service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses "Cookies", Textfiles, which will be stored on your Computer and which realize an analysis of webiste's usage by you.

Due to German data protection law, transferring IP-addresses to Google must be stopped, the Analytics-Code of contains an additional code to make the last 4 characters of the IP-address anonymus. Google cannot specify any IP-addresses to a certain person by this and using the analysis-tool is conform to German data protection law.

The generated information by the cookie about using this webiste (except your exact IP-address) will be transferred stored to a server of Google in the USA. Google will use this information for valuating your website's usage, creating reports about about website-activities for advertisers and for fulfilling further services connected to website and internet usage. Goolge will also transmitt those information to a third party, if they are foreced by law or a third party has the order to manage those data in the name of Google. By excluding the transmission of your IP-address to Google, it's impossible for Google to connect your data with others. You can stop the installation of Cookies on your computer in the settings of your webbrowser; but we point out that in this case you may not use all functions on this website. By using this website you accept managing the collecting data by Google in the above described way and for the above mentioned purpose.

If you  don't want that your visit on our website won't be valued by a web-analysis-service, you can stop the installation of cookies and/ or the execution in your webbrowser in beforehand.

Usage of Piwik

Usage of Facebook-Plugins

This webiste uses Plugins of the social netowrk, which will be controlled by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA ("Facebook").

If you open pages on our webiste whi are connected with such a Plugin, a connection will be installed to the servers of Facebook and the plugin will be shown on your browser by a message on the webiste. By this, data will be transferred to the servers of Facebook, which pages you have visited on our website. If you're logged into your Facebook-accont in the same time, Facebook will connect those information to your personal Facebook-account. By using the Plugin-functions (e.g. "like-buttons", commenting), those information will also be connected to your Facebook-account, which you can only prevent by log-off from your account before using those plugins.

Further information about collection and usage of data by Facebook about your rights and possibilities for protecting your privacy is in the data protection statement of Facebook.

Questions about Security of Privacy

If you have any questions or doubts about data protection statement, please contact us. Please send us a message (contact data see below).

Of course you can ask at Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K., which data will be managed about you from Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K., from where those data come from, for what they are used and to whom they are transmitted. Additionally, you can correct wrong data resp. delete illegally processed data. Data Protection Law is valid.

Hotel Hochriegel - Max Stadler e.K. is allowed to change the data protection statement from time to time. If fundamental changes will be made, an according message will be published on the website in combination with the updated version of the data protection statement.

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Salvatory Clause

If some parts of this agreement should be non-realizable or invalid or becoming non-realizable or invalid after signing of an agreement, the rest of the agreement stays untouched and won't loose its validity. Instead of the non-realizing or invalid terms, realizable terms should be substituted in a way, which is closest to the originally agreed economic aim. In the case that the agreement is incomplete, the above mentioned terms are vaild.

Place of jurisdiction

For actual or future exisiting legal relationshps, only German law is applicable and only German courts are responsible.
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